Quite a lot has happened since my last blog.. it has been pretty manic to say the least!

The studio is coming along nicely.  Changing rooms are being built, I've chosen tiles, flooring, shower furniture etc.  The strand woven bamboo flooring has been ordered for the studio.  My graffiti guy has been here the last couple of days doing the artwork on the main studio wall.  I don't want to spoil the surprise so the pic is just a taster!

Dan the plasterer is busy making all of the surfaces smooth too ready for mirrors and more paint!

My humidifier and air exchange system arrived this morning.  It took 5 men to lift it off the truck, it's so heavy.  Luckily I arrived just as they finished moving it!

My website is nearly done, just putting the finishing touches to it now.

Now my priority is to get my mindbody software working for me.  It's an amazing program, so all of my clients can book on line and schedule their classes, it just takes a lot of inputting from me!

Best get on with it!