Can't quite decide which angle to go for with my branding.... Some feedback has been positive, some very amusing! I think I'm going to go for the bomb symbol which some think looks like a stomach or a heart diagram.... But I like it!

Yesterday I actually had 18 hours sat in a bed (don't ask) and it was extremely productive... It's amazing how many Chinese companies are willing to sell anything plastic for next to nothing! But I think I am going to support the British economy and purchase from local suppliers!

i also woke up at 3am in a blind panic about changing room doors.... Randomly.... Then couldn't get back to sleep.  My brain seems to be on overdrive at the moment, I definitely need to find some time for headspace this weekend, in between forest quest, Saturday school, rugby training and paintball birthday parties!  Not sure how I'll find time but need it so much!!!

If you have a quick fix meditation technique to share please let me know!