Being a wife, a mum of 3 young children, a hotel owner and having 3 energetic dogs, people often ask me why I decided to add more stress to my already busy life by wanting to open my own hot yoga studio.
Good point really!
I would like to think that I'm the sort of person that thrives on being manically busy.  I don't like to be sat down resting, there's always 101 things that I could be doing.
However, saying that the stresses and strains of living this way (and also being a self-confessed control freak) do take their toll on my mental health.  I have had a few battles with depression over the years and needed a little extra help along the way.
Then I discovered Yoga
Yoga gave me the headspace that I needed to function effectively.  I was able to use Yoga to help give me much needed mental clarity and to find calm when everything around me was moving at 200mph. It's amazing the power of a downward dog!
I began practising once a week, then twice, then more and more. I was hooked.  Then a good friend and I would find new yoga classes and styles to go and try together, enjoying the diversity of yoga styles available.  I LOVED hot yoga, it was the one that I kept going back to and wanted more of.  The feeling I got when I finished a class was exactly what I needed both physically and mentally.  I like to feel like I have done a monster work out, I like to sweat and ache the next couple of days.  Hot yoga gave me all of this and also helped release my mental state of mind! After 6 years I was able to come off my medication and yoga became my new medicine!
Then all of a sudden all 3 of my children were going to be in full time education.. what to do?
Again I kept going back to hot yoga, it was a real passion of mine and it motivated and inspired me.  My husband was complaining about being a 'yoga widow' as I was always going to classes or practising at home.
Then on a family holiday to the States I was chatting all things yoga with my spiritual sister and it hit me.. I needed to open my own studio, my own hot yoga studio.  I truly believe in things happening for a reason.  I had been shown the path that I needed to take and this was to be the next step in my yoga journey.  The wheels had started turning...