Well I've done a year and what a year it has been!

Our first birthday bash was awesome..... 16 wonderful yogis joined me on their mats for a hot yoga flow, a few tears, a fuck it meditation and we even harmonised OMs.  Then as promised Jagerbombs at Yogabomb, downward dog (shaped) biscuits courtesy of six pack Sally and lots of prosecco - It was a lot of fun.

860 clients in a year, I'm so pleased with that.  I have met some wonderful new friends, we've shared hugs, tears, sweat, laughter, frustration and flows.  From complete yoga virgins to yogi gurus, yogis and yoginis of all ability levels have walked through the studio door and rolled out their mats.

The studio has held together pretty well, a few housekeeping issues but on the whole it's still looking good!

So what next.....

More of the same, I absolutely love my job.  

Even getting up at 6am to teach the pre-work class after falling into bed at 11pm the previous evening, as soon as the heaters click on, the mind clears, the breath lengthens and the flow starts I completely lose myself in the yogic feeling and what an amazing feeling it is.  The ability to share that feeling with so many other people is magical, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do so.

Long may Yogabomb continue to tick.....

Namaste York Yogis and Yoginis!

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