It finally feels like summer may have arrived in the UK, with the tentative promise of a few days of sunshine and warmth!

I have been very fortunate to spend a couple of weeks recently in Turkey.  The first week with a close friend of mine at Juicy Mountain, a juice and yoga retreat near Fethiye.  We survived on juices and no solid food OR ALCOHOL for 7 days.  It was a truly liberating experience and we felt amazing afterwards.  9lbs weight loss was obviously an advantage as well as clear skin, bright eyes and bushy tails!  Early morning rebounding sessions to classical music, 3 yoga sessions and meditations every day.  Mountain walks and juice demos, capoeira classes.... AMAZING!

Whilst we were at Juicy Mountain there was a terrorist attack at Istanbul airport, fortunately we were far enough away for it not to affect us, it was good to get home safely to our family and friends.

This last week I went back to Turkey with my family and some friends for a family all inclusive holiday - detox to retox springs to mind!!

Again we had a fabulous time and enjoyed amazing weather, racing down waterslides and eating ice creams! Not quite the same weight loss this time but still relaxing and great to spend time with the children to start their much needed school holidays.

As we were at Dalaman airport waiting to fly home there was a military coup in Northern Turkey and all hell broke loose.  Again we were very fortunate to be able to fly home on time as all other flights out of Turkey were grounded that evening.

So 2 weeks of holidays have definitely shown to me how precious life is and that you need to live life to the full, as you never know what is around the corner....