In November 2018, we introduced “Yogi of the Month”.  

You may count the months since then… November, December, and January..... and expect us to introduce you to about 3 yogis. Instead, thanks to Lou’s generosity (and an abundance of inspirational people attending Yogabomb making it difficult to choose), 20 people have received a month of free yoga, worth £90 each in the last 3 months.

Let’s meet them…

November 2017

Voted by the Yogabomb Yogis

Gabi Gorin

- How long have you been practicing yoga and how has yoga at Yogabomb improved your life?

 I’ve practiced yoga regularly since September 2016, when I joined Yogabomb.   The main reason I practice yoga is for emotional and mental wellbeing. But it also benefits me physically and I quit the gym shortly after joining Yogabomb as I realised this was the kind of movement that suited me best. It’s not just the practice that helps but also the teachers and the other yogis – it’s a very welcoming and supportive environment. It has helped me to cope with some challenging times and is a place of healing and positivity. I’ve gained confidence through challenging my body to move into different postures. At first it felt weird getting upside down but now it’s my favourite place to be! During the classes (and workshops) at Yogabomb I’m able to shift my focus from my health issues to appreciating more what my body can do and its potential for healing.

Tracy Donachie

- Fun fact about you:

I’ve lived in and played semi-professional football on three continents. 

- What’s your intention for your yoga practice? 

My personal intention for yoga practice is to help me physically, mentally and emotionally. I also strive to continually learn so I can best serve the people I teach.

- What’s your favourite yoga pose? 

Handstand (I think that might be quite obvious to anyone who follows me on Instagram/has ever been to yogabomb!)


December 2017

Voted by the Yogabomb Yogis and the public

Yogi of the Month was awarded to 17 people. Let’s meet four of them:  

Rebecca Grant

I’m relatively new to yoga, starting in September. My close friend Mike, a fellow yogi, dragged me along to a class, to help me deal with a few curve balls life had thrown me. I have to say the welcome and kindness from the community in Yogabomb along with the benefits of learning yoga and starting to form a practice have help me greatly and Im so grateful for finding my mat and meeting so many wonderful individuals - i m looking forward to this continued journey which I hope is for life. 

Carole Marshall

- When not on your mat, where can you be found?

I would like to say that when I'm not on my mat I could be found behind my camera taking amazing landscape photos but the truth is I'll be driving my taxi around York.

- How has yoga at Yogabomb improved your life? 

Coming to Yogabomb has been a lovely, relaxing experience.  I definitely work harder than I would have done at home or without the heat which although is hot is by no means unpleasant.  I have already, after 4 sessions, seen an improvement in my flexibility and balance and feel that yoga is right for my body now and in the future.

Alice Maynard

- What is/are your intention/intentions for yoga practice?

Openness and fun

- What song should be on every yoga playlist?

Sia- Breathe Me

- How has yoga at Yogabomb improved your life?

Yogabomb has helped me get to places other yoga classes haven’t reached!

Lucy Hudson

- Fun fact about you

I started a dinner party club for friends called The FEW Club, few standing for Fantastically Exotic Wines.

- What are your intentions for yoga practice?

To maintain a healthy mind and body, to practice patience and listening

- What is your favorite yoga pose?

The wheel, Chakrasana, because it's a pose I'm trying to master fully


January 2018

Voted by Marci

Mary Costello

Marci voted for Mary because: 

"Mary has been with me from the start of the studio. Once, at the very beginning, actually teaching only her as she was the only person in my class one night. She rarely misses a class, I like her dedication and I enjoyed seeing her yogi powers grow. She is an inspiration, humble and always making time for her Tuesday practice regardless of the weather. Makes me happy to see her every Tuesday in her regular sport! So I will "share her" with other others by giving her the opportunity to go to any class at Yogabomb in one month."


Keep your eyes peeled for

February 2018 Yogi of the Month

to be announced soon, Namaste y'all