This blog is a ‘welcome back to the studio Clare’ with a poem about Hot Yang written by my good friend Naomi Good.  Naomi has recently been on an “urban retreat” in York in which she attended three classes a day.  I asked her if I could share her poem and she said yes.

Brought my ego to the mat.
Looked in the mirror and seen my fat.
Compared myself to others 26 times in 1.5 hours.
I struggled to remove my self doubt.
I hid in a corner to keep me safe.
As tears and sweat ran down my face.
6 breaths in & out to set you up for the day.
Anxiety - you take my breath away.
Push, pull, stand up straight.
I'm leaving this one up to fate.
“Look backwards - you won't fall”.
A loving voice, I heard you call.
Some days this is hard to do.
I stay on the mat as I have faith in you.
Awkward pose you ignite anger within, but I'm learning to take it on the chin.
Twist like ropes, line everything up
Squeeze it in, suck it up.
The only party where it's socially acceptable to drink H20.
Forget all your worries just breathe and let go.
You challenge me the most as I am forced to lock my knee and face my eyes in the mirror.
As I catch a glimpse around "we’re in this together"
If I don't kick hard (just like in life), I will lose my balance and fall out...
I must try again and remove my inner doubt...
Couldn't touch my ankles, now I can grab my feet
Yoga you are my spiritual treat.
Capital T not a broken umbrella
You brighten up my life like the summer weather.
It’s hard to breath and keep my arms up straight
But you opened me up to the possibilities of strength over hate.
Good for the immune system and taking care of me...
Life's continuous battle to rise from my knees...
Who knew the answer was to stand like trees...
Toe stand develops mental strength, brings calmness and peace to my head...
As I lay down and pretend to play dead...
2 minutes of nothingness my time to be grateful for my body and health..
Dropping the ego and getting rid of self...
Pull my knee down with all of my might
Life is a journey, not a fight...
Outside this room, it feels lonely and grey.
Savasana seems to keep that feeling at bay
The energy in the room keeps you going..
You do your sit up and realise you're not alone.
Cobra before I was introduced to you I didn't have a spine..
Now you help me with the strengthening series, my body, and my mind...
When I'm on my back and breathing nothing else matters,
My life suddenly becomes clearer and my body is not in tatters...
A tortoise lives so long perhaps because they take their time,
it's not a race, it’s to heal the body and the mind...
Camel challenges me to find comfort in the uncomfortable when my face is red,
It gives me clarity in my busy head.
With practice I'm certain I can deal with any situation,
Hot Yang, you are my moving meditation...
In rabbit pose, I cry secretly from emotions which arrive at the surface,
I cry into mat and question my purpose.
I reflect that I would run as fast as a rabbit when I couldn't cope,
Yoga, you have helped me and restored my hope...
When I arrived, i couldn't reach my feet but you made my arms seem longer
Yoga, you’ve made my ambition stronger...
I sit up tall, twist, look behind at my past, I acknowledge where I've been...
Another breath and stretch into the unknown and unseen...
I feel overwhelming courage, love and compassion.
I've even grow in size which helps me 'hang up the washin'
A final lie down to reflect and be grateful for the teachers from all over the world who encourage me to change and grow.
A special shout out to the yoga teachers, for your continued effort and the love that you show.

Clare will soon be teaching Hot Yang on Wednesday 730-845pm and Friday 7-8am. If you would prefer some Yin in your life, she will also be back teaching the more restorative type of yoga on Thursdays 715-815am! 


Tracy Donachie
MSc, BSc