Tracy's blog on International Women's Day was so full of emotion and honesty, it moved me to tears.....  Then there was a response from Naomi Good, one of Tracy's good friends which completely finished me off!  I have posted it below for you all to read.

Ladies like this are why Yogabomb exists and why we should all celebrate International Women's Day.  Having a strong group of women around you is absolutely priceless.  Not all of them are strong at the same time, but by taking it in turns to support each other, the bond just gets bigger, better and stronger.

If you are free on Thursday lunchtime at 12.30pm come and join us for a fierce women's circle at Yogabomb and celebrate with us.  Just sign up online or text me and i'll book you on, it doesn't cost anything, just come and spend some time with other fierce women!

I can’t put into words what this girl has and does for my mental health and well-being. A gift from God, one might say, but then again, in Yoga we are working on that ego, so let’s just say, a gift “).
I remember visiting York when, Tracy started looking into Yogabomb. She’s done weird and wonderful things in her lifetime, but perhaps searching for a way to make the world a nicer place for humanity. I admire this, but I often wondered when my friend would put the breaks on. Does her bike even have breaks?
Since Yogabomb I’ve noticed a dramatic change in Tracy. It’s like she’s found peace and purpose for herself whilst looking to fix the world.
Her passion and desire to help other people become the best version of themselves is more powerful than ever, as she is taking the time to focus on what ‘Tracy needs’. I’m really glad, because, I she was an inspiration before and since allowing herself some handstand and freaky yoga postures, she has found a deeper and more meaningful connection with the universe.
Tracy’s effect on the world is very evident, when you see the way people communicate with her, they are happy, relaxed and there is a sense of warmth and acceptance. Isn’t that what everyone wants, to be accepted?
I came to Yogabomb for a Yoga blast last year and again this year whilst visiting and I was dragged to classes with Tracy, often 3 times a day, but I didn’t complain because I trust in her, I trusted her judgement of all the amazing teachers at Yogabomb and at a trying time of my life, it helped me get over a hurdle.
Lou, is an absolutely lovely and genuine girl. I haven’t had a chance to get to know her, but the place she has created is something really remarkable.
I search always for something, to fill the dark space in time and it's in that room.

Thank you for taking care of my friend. She is in safe hands and I don’t ever have to worry, maybe a little concerned that she will run off to the circus to become a bendy performer but other than that.
Great place full of great people.
Well done Tracy. You have found your calling. Yogi for life
Down with the dogs x

You are more than welcome Naomi, we will look after her.  Tracy is an absolute diamond and it is her time to shine

Namaste Yoga Bitches

Happy International Women's Day to all of the fierce, amazing women out there!