International Women’s Day takes place on Thursday 8th March and is an opportunity to celebrate women and their achievements. You can celebrate the day by spending time on your mat alongside any woman of your choice. Yogabomb are offering you the opportunity to bring a fellow (wonder) women to attend class with you for free.  All you have to do is text their details to 07960011617.

Additionally, we are hosting a Fierce Women Circle, which is also free . All you have to do is sign up online through the Mindbody app or text07960011617 to reserve your spot!

Let's celebrate everything about being a woman. Yogabomb is the perfect place to do this. 

The Yogabomb studio is like no other. In many studios, you will find yogis in isolation, everyone clinging onto their own space, in their own bubble. You may observe the silence in the room, bodies lying with eyes closed in savasana or buried heads in child pose waiting for the class to begin. You may notice minimal interaction between yogis, perhaps only quiet whispers among friends who are attending together. You may notice the teacher enters the studio when class is scheduled to start.

This is not what you will find at Yogabomb.

What you will see at Yogabomb is nattering amongst yogis, people helping each other with their mats, or even supporting each other in poses. You will observe women tidying up the shelves and helping newbies get acquainted. You will notice energy in the room which is hard to describe with words. You may see the teacher interacting with yogis, either asking them about their day or telling them stories about the last Yogabomb night out or the funny things they have said during class (or maybe that’s just me!) You will, without a doubt, observe friendships blooming. You may notice people staying for double classes and sharing coffee in the break in between. You will notice women lending other women props or simply sharing stories about their sourdough bread baking. Mainly, you will find a place where most women are struggling with something but have found a place where they can either share their struggles or simply be silent on the mat in their own bubble in a room full of other amazing women (and sometimes men). If you are part of the Yogabomb community, I suspect you will know exactly what I mean and know that the uniqueness of Yogabomb is very hard to describe.

Thank you to Lou for creating such an amazing environment and for the female fleet of teachers for creating a supportive and empowering space.

After I wrote the above part of the blog, I turned to working on my PhD (or at least I tried to). With every minute, I questioned my ability. My mind became discoloured with self-doubt. I was struggling to keep information in my head and formulate paragraphs. As the time drew closer to my yoga session, my anxiety and anger towards myself, my PhD, and anyone in sight was reaching a peak. I contemplated missing yoga. Then in trying to do too many things at once - speaking on my phone, saving work, packing a bag - in a manic state, I scurried out of the office onto my bike. I got half way to yoga and realised I forgot my yoga kit. I looked at my watch and I was already later than my desired arrival time. I contemplated just going back to the office and continuing to work. Instead, I turned my bike around and pedalled as fast I could to retrieve my leggings from under my desk. As I pedalled quickly back to studio, my mind was swirling “should I just go home and work?”. My anxiety was at it's peak. My chest was pounding. I arrived to park my bike. I knew I had made the right decision. Yoga was where I needed to be.

What I observed was three newbie yogis exchanging telephone numbers so they could attend a class together. I smiled. I entered the packed room in a frenzy and a fellow yogi waved to a spot beside her. I was greeted with smiles and friendly faces. I smiled. The yogi, Rachelle, gave me some calming oils to put on my wrists and we chatted. I smiled. My heart rate started to slow down. “I am here”.

We started to flow and with every pose I felt calmer. I observed my breath and made my inhales and exhales as long as I could. I focused on every posture. When it came to bridge and wheel, I gave my usual internal reaction “oh no”. At this point, Rachelle and I were facing the back of the room. Therefore, when I pushed myself into wheel, I was now facing the front of the studio and glaring at another yogi. We laughed, we smiled and I said “peekaboo!” I was happy.

It came to the final wheel and Kate suggested lifting a leg. Usually my response is “No chance!” However, I tried. My right foot made off the floor. I brought it down. My left foot made it a tiny bit of the floor. Kate praised my attempt. I realised that the poses that are difficult are the ones that teach us the most about ourselves. Do we give up or keep trying? I looked up to the door in the studio where all the ‘angels’ that people had created were. I observed one I had written for my grandad, one for my niece who was a stillborn and one for my gran. My gran was my rock. A tear came to my eye and I thought “I will finish my PhD for you, gran” I felt an overwhelming gratitude, that despite no longer having my gran to turn to, I have yoga and the Yogabomb community. I have wonderful women in my life who continue to support me, care for me and make me smile.

I smiled and left Yogabomb feeling lighter.



Tracy Donachie

MSc, BSc

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