Every month at Yogabomb we celebrate our yogis and give one of them a free month of unlimited yoga. These yogis are chosen by the teachers but can also be nominated by their fellow mat dwellers!

Here are a few facts about some of our yogis of the month!

Cheryl Lewis – April 2018

Yoga always comes to me when I need it and I feel very committed to Yoga, Nidra and all the Events and Workshops available. Yogabomb inspires me to learn to be in the present whilst keeping fit at the same time. I only started my dedicated Yoga Journey since August 2017 and already I am reaping the benefits of this lifestyle.

Fun fact: I love Unicorns and Mermaids and I am quite happy spending time when not on a Yoga mat Colouring in. I love Meditations anything where I can close my eyes and imagine. That’s why I am very much looking forward to the Reiki Attunement day  and the Chakra Flow Workshops as well as the Gong Bath and Yoga Nidra. Cannot wait to begin this journey learning how to heal oneself and others. 

My intentions for Yoga is to simply enjoy it regardless of whether or not my body is feeling very lazy and simply cannot be bothered. Or whether I am totally engaged to my Yoga practice on the day.

My favourite Yoga Pose is any that involves lying down ready to nod off. My favourite thing about Yoga is always the meditation at the end. The strangest thing about Yoga for me is many years ago when I was doing Yoga at Quakers Friends Meeting House during a meditation I got a glimpse of an insight or visual making me question there is a lot more to Yoga than what I am given it credit for. 

As I have got older I totally understand how special, spiritual and meaningful Yoga is. I am really getting so much more from attending Yoga at Yogabomb and the opportunities available to me. As well as the beautiful friendships I have made. 

I seek inspiration from many things / people one of my favourite memories is staying at my cousins house surrounded by David Bowie posters, his 45’s and all his albums. I appreciated from a young age it’s okay to fall in love with an idol you admire. I had the same teenage crush on Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon. However, David Bowie always has had a special place in my heart. May he rest in peace. 

I am not sure if this is an appropriate song for a Yoga Playlist. One of my favourite songs (several) is David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes. Absolutely love him and I adore this song. 

Diana Szeplaki - June 2018

Fun fact: I used to go to the cinema ask the time so much so I watched the same film 10 times – Avatar at the time. 

At work or at home on my couch watching interesting documentaries or listen to Tony Robbins or Deepak Chopra

Yoga gives me peace and quiet and I love the heat. Wouldn't do it without the heat. Not keen on the flows rather do random poses and hold them for ages on the heat and lots of meditation.

Kate Thompson – September 2018

Not sure I have a fun fact! but I am usually the first to hit the dance floor and the last to leave….

When i’m not on my mat you can find me teaching art and all things creative around the city. I also run my own up-cycled clothing and jewellery business called Unostar. If I am not being creative i will be on my bike, in the pool or on a dog walk! 

My intention for starting yoga was to regain my flexibility and to help with menopausal symptoms. I have found much needed headspace after losing both my parents in 2012, yoga has helped me to heal and i feel that my journey has only just begun.

My favourite yoga pose for stretching is the pigeon, even though my hips scream at me to stop!!

The River by Groove Armada should be on every yoga playlist..

Creativity drives me forward as a person. I admire strong women who support each other. I love music and am always dreaming about festivals in far flung places, this keeps me inspired. 

I have been practising hot yoga for just over 2 years and it has greatly improved my mood and hormone levels, it seems to be my re-set button for the week.

Felicity Hawksley – October 2018

Fun fact about me: I have a photographic memory but I will forget your birthday

When not on your mat etc: I spend at least three hours a day on Clifton Backies with the dog so it's statistically likely you'll find me there

What is your intention for yoga practice: To keep having fun and surprising myself!

Favourite yoga pose: PISTOL SQUATS hah! No...side crow with eagle legs probably

What song should be on every yoga playlist: Definitely Janelle Monae's 'Yoga' but for some reason I can't fathom Tracy won't put it on her playlist!

What/who inspires you: honest answer, got to say the writer Robert Caro, who in a feat of incredible intellectual persistence has so far spent 36 years writing a masterful, balanced and fascinating five part biography about Lyndon Johnson...I never said I was cool. 

How long have you been practising yoga: 10 months

How has yoga/yogabomb improved your life?: practising yoga has definitely changed my perspective on improvement - I have had to accept that there are things I can't get good at just by putting in more physical effort. And Yogabomb has taught me that falling on your head is not really that bad...and it's given me friends and a lot of laughter

Miriam Piper – November 2018

When I’m not on my mat I can either be found lost in the great outdoors hiking or watching a gig (and warming up) at The Crescent Community Venue.

My intentions for yoga practice change depending on the day; sometimes it’s to create heat and sometimes it’s to calm my thoughts. Whatever it is I try to be open minded and accepting, even if it includes numerous pistol squats.

Favourite pose I can currently achieve: dwi pada viparita dandasana (two-legged inverted staff pose).
Favourite pose I’m currently working to achieve: kapotasana (king pigeon pose). Did this last week at home after your class and falling out of a half handstand, I don’t think it counts.

Song:  Power flow insomnia Faithless, Orcestra Poly Rythmo de Cotonou: Se Tche We Djo Mon or The Foals What went down.
Anything else: Porz Goret: Yann Tiersen

Inspiration: everyone in our little community and the small actions of others outside of it.

I’m not a hippy dippy yogi however I came to yoga through mental ill health and physical I’ll health 10 years ago, I had been diagnosed with Graves’ disease and thyroid cancer. With a resting heart rate of 180bpm it was debilitating. My mum told me she’d turned to it after a breakdown to calm her nerves and help her reflect. I’ve never looked back. It has helped through some of the most difficult times of my life to ground me and let me meditate to process and it has been there at the best times to strengthen what I already have in body and mind. The true holistic healer.

Yoga bomb has an ethos of yoga for normal people. Something that I hold dear is that any human could benefit from this practice, you don’t need a mat, a sports bra, a home. This studio seems to hold community so highly, we laugh, cry through Tracy’s flows and feel warm in our bellies from Marci’s nidras. This collective spirit is what continues to draw me to this exceptional place.

Steve – December 2018

Fun fact about you - l like wild camping on mountains with no tent - just a bag, mat and the stars

When not on your mat, where can you be found? work /bike/longboard/mountains/forests/beaches

What is/are your intention/intentions for yoga practice? To try and absorb as much and push as much as i can

What is your favorite yoga pose? hmmm, still learning so many new ones but the Crow is fun

What song should be on every yoga playlist? anything space ambient

What/who inspires you? Good & honest people who are wise enough to appreciate that we are all on this planet together

How long have you been practicing yoga and how has yoga at Yogabomb improved your life? About half a year, Yogabomb has been totally inspirational on a both a yoga practice and personal level - big thanks & love for that!

Elley – January 2019

Fun fact about you

I used to live on an island that got cut off from the mainland twice a day.  

When not on your mat, where can you be found?  

Walking my boxer dogs, playing tennis, cooking, head in a book, outside in the sunshine, or driving my 4 kids somewhere! Offering support in the family business.

What is/are your intention/intentions for yoga practice?  

To gain physical strength and mental equilibrium.  

What is your favorite yoga pose? 

Headstand and Reclining Hero pose are equal favourites.

What song should be on every yoga playlist? 

Flames (acoustic version by David Guetta & Sia) and Angel (Sarah McLachlan) for Shavasana.

What/who inspires you?  

Nature inspires me.  Strong yet kind people inspire me.  Too many to insult by singling out a few!  Anybody who fights to better them self is inspiring to me.

How long have you been practicing yoga and how has yoga at Yogabomb improved your life?  

I started yoga 3 1/2 years ago as one of Lou’s guinea pig pupils before she opened Yogabomb.  I was up for a new challenge but had no expectations.  Yogabomb has massively enhanced my life.  It provides a space for me to escape all of my responsibilities and focus on my own wellbeing.  I always leave the studio calmer and more collected.  I am hooked on ‘hot’ yoga and love the different classes on offer and the eclectic Yogabomb community!