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Why Retreat?


Why Retreat?

The Power of Positivity 

Reset, recharge, and re-connect

Why is a yoga retreat what you need?

In our daily lives, we give so much of ourselves; whether that be to our job, our family, or our friends. It is far too easy to let everything get on top of us and cause us to feel emotionally drained and physically exhausted. Sometimes, to stop ourselves burning out, we need to take an opportunity to give something back to ourselves. An opportunity that allows us to rest, recharge, and re-connect with ourselves and nature. By spending time in the great outdoors, around positive people, and nourishing our bodies with good food and exercise, do we give ourselves what we deserve and need when faced with daily stresses. When was the last time you did something for you? 

Research shows that not only does attending yoga retreats improve overall wellbeing, they also help to increase positive emotions, ability to manage stress, and life-satisfaction. 

Join us, Tracy and Lou, for a yoga retreat near Barnard Castle and allow us to provide you with a space where your health and wellbeing will be placed at the centre of your day. 

What is included? 

Vigorous vinyasa yoga

Restorative yoga 

Meditation/walking meditation

Gong bath

Women’s circle

Oils workshop

Power of positivity workshop

Vegan and gluten free food

Hot tub use

Cost: £395 per person*

*additional cost for single supplement room

What is additional?

There will be an option for massage, reiki, and reflexology

The retreat will commence at 2pm on Monday 16th September and close at noon on Wednesday 18th September.