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Tracy talks science..... and yoga!


Tracy talks science..... and yoga!

For those who visit Yogabomb regularly, you may assume that all I do with my day is teach yoga and attend yoga classes. This is partly true; however, the rest of the day is dedicated to science, research, and education. My PhD involves examining the relationship between perfectionism, overthinking and emotions. I also teach at York St John University where I try to instil a passion for research, psychology and physical activity in students. Therefore, I am fascinated in the science behind helping people feel good about themselves and gaining more fulfilment.  For me, yoga is the answer. In the spirit of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, I will aim to give you a snap shot of the scientific evidence supporting the suggestion that yoga is the answer to a better life. 

In examining the scientific evidence relevant to my argument that yoga is the answer to a better life, it is quite clear that research in the area is rather weak (e.g. a number of poorly designed studies) and I question some of the validity of the findings. Many studies have small sample sizes, do not have a control group, or do not compare yoga to other forms of physical activity.  However, the evidence does seem to suggest that yoga has many physical and emotional benefits. Yoga can help alleviate lower back pain, improve strength, flexibility and balance, and reduce inflammation in the body. Furthermore, research shows that yoga reduces cortisol, cholesterol and blood pressure, compared to active control (Pascoe et al, 2017). Hot yoga, in particular, was found to improve lower back and hamstring flexibility. Compared to non-heated yoga, heart rate and sweat rate is increasingly higher for those taking part in hot yoga (Campbell, 2015). Yoga also increases creativity, improves mood, and decreases anxiety. Yoga assists relaxation and promotes quality of sleep.

It has even been suggested the physical and psychological benefits of yoga can complement cancer treatment/therapy. Research also shows that yoga can help to reduce in anxiety in infertility patients. In 2000, Domar found that 55 percent of infertility patients became pregnant (and had a baby) within one year of participating in her 10-session yoga, meditation and acupuncture program. In a control group, just 20 percent had babies. According to Domar; "Yoga is really good for patients who are highly anxious, and fertility patients tend to be anxious. A lot of these patients are angry with their bodies for not doing what they want. Yoga gets them back in touch with their bodies."Domar suggests lighter forms of yoga to help with problems conceiving. At Yogabomb, we offer “yin chill” which is a gentler and mindful form of yoga.

Taking away the science, our woman in the studio, Rebecca Grant, ‘Yogi of the Month’, said: “I have to say the welcome and kindness from the community in Yogabomb along with the benefits of learning yoga and starting to form a practice have helped me greatly and I’m so grateful for finding my mat and meeting so many wonderful individuals – I am looking forward to this continued journey which I hope is for life.”

Another 'Yogi of the Month', Carole, said: “Coming to Yogabomb has been a lovely, relaxing experience. I have already, after 4 sessions, seen an improvement in my flexibility and balance and feel that yoga is right for my body now and in the future.”

Benefits of yoga also extend to those teaching it. In 2007, research showed that the brains of yoga practitioners exhibited higher rates of neurotransmitter that acts like an antidepressant. I can vouch for that. As a “Woman in Science”, I do not need a journal article to confirm that teaching yoga makes me extremely happy. 

In a nutshell, yoga is the answer to a better life.

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Yogabomb's 1st birthday, our first social AND an awards night!

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Yogabomb's 1st birthday, our first social AND an awards night!

How quickly is time flying by?  

Only 2 more weeks until it will be Yogabomb's 1st birthday!  A whole year of hot yoga in York!  I'm planning on celebrating with a crazy party themed hot yoga flow, starting with a F**K IT meditation where we all learn how to 'let that sh*t go'......... And ending with the much promised Jagerbombs at Yogabomb which I have been threatening since day one!

But before that I have the Best Business Women Awards Evening in Welwyn, Hertfordshire - Yes indeed.... I AM A FINALIST!!!!

So tomorrow evening I am getting all togged up, leaving my lycra at home and attending the Awards dinner with the moral support of hubby Greg, and my close friends Fran, Melissa and The Palmers.  I have been lucky enough to be shortlisted as a finalist for the Most Inspiring Business Woman award.  I will obviously be delighted if I win but I am also totally chuffed to be a finalist!  Fran has promised to dance on the table if I win so I will be posting photographic evidence all over social media if this is the case!

I really don't think of myself as being 'Inspirational' as i'm just doing something that I love and sharing that with others.  But apparently I am - who knew?

I also would like to mention our first Yogabomb Social which took place last Saturday ...... it ended with lots of gin, knock off fashion and a very bruised chin - that's all i'm saying about it.  But we will definitely be doing it again with the same amount of style and grace!  Watch the Yogabomb diary for details

Coming up soon at Yogabomb we also have;

  • Halloween Flow - Spooktacular flow and playlist and optional fancy dress
  • Yogabomb's 1st birthday flow with F**K IT meditation
  • Chakra Rebalancing 2 hour Workshop with DoTerra Essential Oils on November 18th - more details to follow

Well good luck for me for tomorrow, fingers crossed and all that!

See you on your mats soon Yogis!


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Award Entries and September Stupidity!

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Award Entries and September Stupidity!

September has been stupid!

Well it's fair to say that September has been a busy month at Yogabomb HQ.

September Stupidity has been an amazing success, 126 eager yogis signed up for 30 days of hot yoga for £30.  An absolute bargain for some!!  Some people just stuck to their usual 1 or 2 classes a week, still getting a saving on their regular price, others decided to really go for it and take the challenge.

We have 2 days left until the end of the month, this last week has seen a last minute flurry of bookings to get that final class in before September ends.  It has been a great way to reward  current Yogabombers, rekindle past Yogabombers and introduce new Yogabombers to the studio and to hot yoga in York.

Feedback has been really positive and the energy and vibe in and around the studio is awesome!  Lots of yogis have found their flow and detoxified their bodies like never before!

In a few days time I will collate the totals for the month and see who is chief Yogabomber and every name will be entered into the prize draw.

Award Entries are in!

I also decided to enter for a few women in business awards this month.  As if I don't have enough on with September Stupidity - I had to write thousands of words about myself and my business.  It sounds pretty easy but I found it so hard!  But to be fair once I got going I found it hard to keep within the word count!  Anyway I entered Yogabomb/me for the Best Business in Health and Wellness Industry and for the Most Inspiring Business Woman categories.  Nothing like leaving it until the last minute, the deadline was Tuesday 5pm and I posted mine on Monday with guaranteed delivery.  Fortunately they did receive my entry and I now have to wait to find out if I'm a finalist! The shortlist of finalists are announced next week so at least I don't have to wait long.

Entering these awards has made my realise how much I have achieved in the last eighteen months and how awesome I am! - No, seriously - how awesome Yogabomb has become.

I opened the yoga studio and put on the classes and teachers...... but it's all you wonderful yogis who turn up day after day, week after week, to find your flow on your mat, to live your yogic journey.  You guys make it all worthwhile..... Namaste. xx



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Yoga For Normal People

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Yoga For Normal People

It's coming up to the end of September and the children have been back to school for a few weeks now so inevitably I have caught a head cold from one of them.  Every down dog feels like my head is going to explode so I decided to take a day off from yoga - not a full one though that would never happen......  One of my gorgeous teachers kindly covered my morning classes and I arranged to go for a walk to clear my head.

I met up with some of my girlfriends for coffee and a natter, then two of us ventured out for a stomp along the river.  Melissa is a good friend of mine and also runs her own business, providing business owners with PR and Marketing skills, she definitely knows her stuff.....

Anyway, we started chatting about where our businesses were at this moment and ways in which we could take them further and develop ideas.  I struggle with being disciplined enough to write a blog on a weekly basis and this is an area that I really would like to work on.

So that is my intention for this week and going forward, I'm going to get my act together and start blogging... I might start bleating on about random things and go off on a tangent every now and again but my business tag line is 'YOGA FOR NORMAL PEOPLE' and that is what i am going to write about.  

How many ladies feel like they are going to suffocate themselves with their boobs in plough?

A lot of yoga teachers who you see online and in magazines (and in some studios) are bikini body perfect types who can bend into all sorts of unimaginable shapes, but in reality how many of us actually look like that and who can bend like that?  I don't and can't!

How many binds are elusive to people because they have a wine/beer belly?

Keep checking in with my blog and each week I am going to look at different postures, giving options for 'normal people'.  After all, yoga at Yogabomb is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size or ability.  we all have our strengths and weaknesses, I have great upper body strength (for a girl) and a bendy back but my shoulders are tight and my arms are short (my excuse for not binding).  You don't have to be skinny and bendy to do yoga, just willing to give it a go and if that means adapting a posture for your body shape then that's fine too.  

It's all yoga baby!

Yogabomb.... the home of Hot Yoga in York FOR NORMAL PEOPLE


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It's nearly February!


It's nearly February!

Where did the first 3 months go??

Crazy how fast the time has flown by since Yogabomb's doors first  opened.  

A few stats to share with you....

  • Over 300 yogis have visited Yogabomb
  • 1121 mat spaces have been taken
  • 237 yoga sessions

That's not bad going for the first 3 months!

Our first themed freestyle was a HUGE success - 80's music and Yoga definitely do mix!  February 12th is the next planned freestyle session with the theme being Old Skool Hip Hop.  Book your mat space and choose your track for the playlist!

Candlelit flow for New Year's Day was awesome, luckily no-one caught fire and everyone enjoyed a relaxing but powerful flow, such a chilled out and lovely atmosphere in the studio... watch this space for the next one

So much has happened yet I'm struggling for words to explain it all.

Yogabomb's first 3 months have exceeded my expectations, I have loved it and hated it, had highs and lows, but would do it all again no problem.  I just hope that the next 3 months can be equally amazing and the Yogabomb word keeps spreading..

Find your flow!

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