My Buddies

Yogabomb would have just been pipedream if it wasn't for the most invaluable support from my amazing family and friends.  This page is to recognise these amazing people and their businesses. 

So thanks guys, this is all about you!

I really need to start with my rock, my soulmate, my husband

Greg Harrand..........

Without Greg Yogabomb would have never have become a reality.  Although he drives me insane a lot of the time Greg supports me physically, mentally, financially and emotionally through any venture that I choose to throw myself into. 

Greg has also supported me for the past 12 years to be a full time mum to our 3 wonderful children Harrison, Raya & Bo, but also recognises that I need a challenge and my own headspace

I aspire to some day have half of the business mind that Greg has, he motivates me and inspires me daily. 

Without Hedley House Hotel Yogabomb wouldn't have a home - THE best hotel in York - FACT!

The lovely and extremely knowledgeable Liz Catterick of The Body Project.  My personal trainer, sports (torture) therapist and long time friend.  Liz is responsible for introducing me to Yoga in the first place.  Liz is always next to me on her mat trying out a new yoga class, experimenting with the latest exercise craze, or traversing down mountains as fast as our skis will carry us.

If you need a PT or Sports Therapist Liz is the best -

It is also an opportunity for me to shout about some other local/small businesses that I truly believe in.....

  • - A new business set up by the lovely Yvonne Wadeson for all matters Colonic, Reflexology and Reiki

  • - The lovely Jacquie Barrett for all of your face and body therapy needs, fabulous facials and tremendous treatments! Based within Hedley House Hotel too, bonus!

  • - Owned by the crazy Canadian Arleen Scholten - AMAZING Chiropractor!

  • - The uber talented Rob Leadley teaches Yoga classes around York. Rob's Dynamic Balance class is one of the reasons that I am hooked on Yoga and have subsequently launched Yogabomb. A truly talented Yogi and inspirational guy!

  • - The amazing company who came along and made my life a lot easier! They took care of my infrared heat, humidity and air exchange system for me... and it rocks!

  • - The funkiest, coolest and most stylish yoga pants any yogi could wish for! Let me know if you fancy rocking a pair as I have a selection in stock!

  • - Seriously awesome yoga gear, great quality and unique pieces

  • - Fabulous essential oils, diffusers and lots of other amazeballs products sold by me!