A few things have happened to me over the last couple of days that have made me stop and think about my mental space.  

There's a lot of things going on in my life right now, especially with the studio opening less than a week away (aaarrgghh!), having 7 house guests for 3 nights this week (double aaarrgghh!) and the school holidays (no explanation needed....), but in my opinion i do believe that i have managed to keep a sense of calm and focus whilst my head has been swimming with to do lists and the never-ending demands of family life.

Yesterday I had my much needed fortnightly chiropractic adjustment, and after a day of sitting at a screen i took advantage of the horrendous weather and traffic in town, put on my waterproof jacket and trainers and stomped through town and all the puddles forming along the way and enjoyed some fresh(!?) air which helped to clear my fuzzy brain.

I had to cross a busy road during rush hour and was waiting patiently for the green man to appear when i noticed the guy next to me.  Probs about 70 years old, smartly dressed with a small wheelie case in tow.  I was so surprised by what happened next... The green man started flashing and as we set off to cross the road there was a car that had stopped slightly over the pedestrian area as the driver hadn't had chance to turn right.  The 70 year old guy then launched into a torrent of abuse at the driver, squaring up to him at the window of his car - where his wife and young children looked out equally horrified.  This went on for the duration of the road crossing, the poor car driver had not done anything wrong, he wasn't breaking the law, there was plenty of space for us to pass by.  I so felt like telling my fellow pedestrian  that he in fact was the f***ing a****ole, not the car driver!  

Also how many times do we witness road rage nowadays?  The slightest things wind people up.  Why not let someone out at a junction, or let the other driver merge before you when 2 lanes become 1.  Does it really make that much difference?

We need to find mental calm and in the words of Frozen - 'LET IT GO'

It has made me recognise that life is so fast paced, so stressful and hectic for our society that everyone, now and again - or everyday if possible - needs to take time out to find some mental calm, otherwise we can react badly to the slightest of things that normally wouldn't bother us.  

I find my mental calm in lots of different ways.  Now that i have become more aware of my state of mind i make sure that i give myself time to LET GO and destress.  it can be anything from walking the dogs, meditation, taking a bath, going for a run or my fave....... Yoga (obviously).  Yoga is amazing at giving you the time to let all sorts of sh*t go and calm the mind - as well as giving you an awesome workout!

Come and find your mental calm at Yogabomb - i promise you it is there, you just need to tap into it....... 

That 70 year old guy needs to find some mental calm, he needs to be Yogabombed!