So not being the typical 'yogi' shape myself, one of my missions is to make yoga accessible to all.

Hence the tag line 'YOGA FOR NORMAL PEOPLE'

I want people to come to my studio and be able practice yoga to their own level, whatever that may be.  I want people to feel comfortable and not pressured to look or bend in a certain way.  So many studios, teachers and fellow class participants can make you feel self-conscious and not good enough.  Not giving you the feeling of inclusion, self acceptance and self-love that you should feel from a yoga class.

I can't achieve a lot of postures in yoga, my body doesn't bend as much as others, but that doesn't stop me from loving yoga and loving all of the benefits that I get from taking part in or from teaching a class.

Like a lot of ladies out there I have chest 'furniture' that can hinder yoga performance, I also have a well loved 'red wine baby belly' which has taken me years to develop (since first child).  These things can get in the way, they can stop you achieving certain postures and binds, they can stop you from breathing properly at times too!  But you just have to keep practising..... I often use the excuse that it is my arms that are not long enough or that my hands are slippy, but in truth if I lost a few pounds it would be much easier!  But who wants to diet?

I may not be able to bind in twisted lunge or breathe efficiently in plough.... but you know what, I have great strength, I can hold a headstand for ages, my chaturanga rocks and hovers perfectly off the mat, my dolphin is strong and my thighs can sit in that evil chair posture longer than most!  We all have our strengths and weaknesses both on and off the mat.  It's about finding yours and working with them.  Yes your yoga practice will constantly evolve, some days it will be better than others and it is important to turn up to your mat without expectation.  As long as you turn up to your mat and keep finding your flow.

Find a studio that fits your vibe.  If you feel uncomfortable, judged, or frowned upon then I say it's time to look for another studio.  Don't ever feel pressurised into forcing the posture, that normally results in injury.  Yogis should not judge or be judged

AHIMSA (non-harming, or non-violence) - As easy as remembering that all beings everywhere have the right to be happy and free.  
Ahimsa is mindfulness.  
Ahimsa is an idea that can grow into a reality if we will it so


My vibe attracts my tribe

Yogabomb - Hot Yoga in York for NORMAL PEOPLE