It’s already coming up to the end of November, it’s darker and colder, and I am definitely feeling the need to hibernate!

We celebrated Yogabomb’s 3rd birthday at the start of November as well as opening up the new chill out space. We have had a crash course in coffee making and retail, but seem to be getting the hang of it - if slightly wired from testing our coffee a bit too often!

Our 3rd birthday celebrations were awesome. 3 beautiful yogis, Joanna, Helen and Katie, from Edinburgh’s Yoga Got Hot came along and took over the studio, delivering amazing workshops and a lot of love and laughter. We BELIEVED….. we glowed, flowed, danced, laughed, cried, saluted the sun (108 times at least), opened our hips and hearts, balanced in ways we never thought possible and had our very own Yogabomber Jules as our live DJ.

So much love filled the studio all weekend, thank you to everyone who made it possible and who participated in the workshops.

I cannot believe that Yogabomb has been around for 3 years. Over 3000 yogis have attended the studio over this time - Gail and Jo have probably attended 3000 classes too! I am so fortunate to have such an amazing crew of teachers who share their love and expertise with our yogis 7 days a week. Each one having their own speciality, bringing something different to the mat. I love and thank you all from the bottom of my heart - Namaste Y’all

A big shout out to each and everyone of you…….

Alli Feehan - Reiki Master, Andrea Brook, Bruno Richard, Caitlin Pollock, Clare Plunkett, Clare Burgon, Claire Maguire - Kundalini, Eleanor Coles, Ellie Culhane, Emel Duff, Emma Leaf, Freida Nipples - Burlesque, Grace Young, Ilaria Grando, Joanne Merlini - Transformational Yoga, Julie Cooper - Gong, Katherine Griffin - Reiki, Kate Wiggins, Laura Bough, Marci Stuchlikova, Matt Yates - circus & handstands, Tracy Donachie, Yoga Got Hot crew, Lexie Wrightson, Lucy Cook, Katy Simpson, Paulene Scott-Dyson, Harrie Quarrie, Helen Cottingham - Pilates…..

if I have missed anyone I do apologise, you are all AWESOME


Lou. xx